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Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Center - TV Interview

 Naharak Saied Program - Chanel 1 - TV Interview March 2013 

Egyptian “SSCC” has been selected as one of the semi-finalist teams for this year’s

MIT Enterprise Forum  Arab Start-up  Competition for the Ideas Track'


SSCC (Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Center) is an IMS project that applies a multiple educational program related to the original natural self-healing system of life on earth. Education, sustainable development, social justice disciplines interact in a causal circular relationship that education would contribute to the development of the local community in Sinai village, on both sustainability and  social responsibility levels while the community itself provides a unique  learning environment that will contribute to the development of the educational program in a closed signaling loop.
InspirationGihan Soliman has been working closely since 2008 with several parties as an educational consultant and a social activist on relating education to sustainable development, citizenship and global citizenship in Egypt. Through several initiatives and discussions with the stakeholders in Egypt and the international community on education for sustainable development, and throughout her journey with educational reform venture in Egypt, she pointed out the compelling need to integrate sciences and technology to reach quality education.
Four years later, she met Maged Alsaid owner of Habiba Camp who has been working on sustainability in South Sinai through Woofing in Egypt and Dr.Waleed Sadek, an economic advisor and a social activist. She thought they are the perfect partners she’s looking to collaborate with on such a project while inspiring others around the world through their wide networks. In short, they developed together the initial agreements and a work plan.
 Problem & Project

SSCC aims at boosting a continuously developing community in South Sinai which has been depending only on the regular kind of tourism which harms the environment and the cultural heritage. Regular kind of tourism also is not stable and gets affected by the political situation in Egypt as a boundary zone.
Thus, the educational center will be using the integration of Sciences, Technology, Maths and environmental awareness in providing parallel education for the students in Egypt whether in colleges or schools while promoting agro-tourism as a substitute for the regular tourism in Sinai that affects the natural resources while building a sustainable community based on organic farming, permaculture applications, sea water farming and renewable energy, in addition to the human dimension of solidarity and social responsibility. This will be achieved through partnership with the community and affiliates in Sinai with local and international educational institutions.Nowadays, sustainable development is a tough job ahead of those who are concerned about the future of the world. SSCC is a project that would have a positive impact regarding educational and sustainable development in South Sinai, Egypt while it serves as a model to copy elsewhere around the world.

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