Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time Feminism evolved!

If feminism stands for gender-equality, then I'm a radical feminist.

However, I'm not happy with the name of the movement(s). I, as a "gender-equalist", don't like to be categorised as a feminist.

This is for two main reasons.
I'm using gender-equalism rather than the more generic "egalitarianism".

The first reason is the name itself: F-e-m-i-n-i-s-t. I don't see any equality in that! It seems to be all about women. But gender-equality is not about women, it is about the whole community. Gender inequality is harming humanity not just women. It affects nations, economies and life as whole.

The second reason is the lack of consensus over the definition of feminism. People define it (and use it) in many different ways and contexts.

While many women groups (and I'm a proud member of one) have gained a lot for the cause of gender equality throughout history, the term may also be used in other contexts conflicting with what gender equality is about.

1- It is used by oppressive groups to propose limitation and censorship on women's clothes and mobility, so as to "protect" her.

2- It maybe used by some "male" feminists to lure "grateful" women into abusive relationships.

3- It may be used by some female trolls to incur unfair gains or abuse men just because they are protected by feminism.

When comparing a man that makes his money by hard work, creativity and progress (while not being abusive to women) and a woman that makes her wealth by silicon-stuffed butt*, I would take the side of the man not the woman, at this particular case. I'd say that women need to grow up to the responsibility of gender equality.

4- There is a competency gap that feminism seem reluctant to acknowledge. Women need empowerment in science and technology, capacity building and education of emancipation as much as they need "protection"; so that justice - when reached, would work out for them and the world.

5- The term feminism seems to sort women out of the community and sort out women groups as if they can be isolated "for protection" and still be happy. This is why sometimes feminism slips into man-hate speech, and will never blame women for contributing to the current inequality, while the truth is that a great deal of such inequality - and sometimes violence, is nurtured by women themselves. Take Female Gentile Mutilation as an example. Inequality is an ecosystem.
Girls queuing helplessly to be cut - picture from It’s Time to End FGM - GirlsGlobe (link to GirlsGlobe website/

6- The existence of such a biased expression (which was OK at a certain stage of history) defining those who work for gender equality seems like asking for "women care" rather than overall communal synergy based on gender equality. Again, this is all implied by the name, the lack of precise definition, then by the practices of some irresponsible, ignorant or misinformed individuals/groups.

7- I've noticed that feminism seems to raise the bar for pregnant and nursing mothers who need support more than any thing else, while they're producing and nurturing life. I believe that women should be able to choose to be stay-home mom at times, if that's what they happy to do, and if there is an understanding loving male who is willing to support the family without taking advantage of it. True equality is in equal opportunities.

I have to admit that I became a man hater at a certain stage of my life, because of all the violence and brutality practiced by and for men against women, but when I looked closer, I was stunned at realising the massive role of many women in sustaining aggressive masculine cultures. Women thinking of themselves as trophies or candy bars to be covered and protected, women who would "snatch" men from each other, women who are happy to commodify their bodies, and women who get violent against each other to please men. I finally came to the conclusion that gender-equality may need self-liberation and empowerment rather than self patronising.

What makes women settle for such fake pride; being the highest shareholder!

Just look at the amount of money and fame a distinguished female scientist make, compared to the wealth and fame made by silicon-stuffed* female entertainers, to know that women should work harder on liberating themselves before they ask for justice. Justice is a double-edged sword!

Again, it is not what feminism stands for that is the problem, it is what it seems to be standing for due to the biased name and the lack of consensus over the definition. It is time the term feminism gets firmly and terminally replaced by gender-equality (perhaps gender-equalism) and still be advocating women's right for equality when and where necessary; for the whole community to prosper!

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* This is not about cosmetic surgery, and is not about a certain profession. All are respected. This is rather about voluntary self-commercialisation for profit or power, and is also about what women are comfortable to pride themselves in, while men prefer making professional and developmental progress.

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