Wednesday, March 11, 2015


لسنا كباقي الكائنات

This open letter has been e-mailed to the IUCN World Park Congress 2014.


The letter/study is:

- about the necessity of collective self-awareness, unity and global governance.
An argument that the human kind is not just another species and that based on our extended phenotype we qualify as a separate kingdom of life; a sociophysiobiological kingdom with an illustration of a "Cybernetic Phylogeny";

- an expression of the human life-organisation in light of the "living-system theory" (Grier Miller cited in Umpleby, 2007), the "structure determinism" (Maturana and Valera, 1928) and the "Holistic Darwinism" (Corning, 1997).

The letter/study brings no new scientific discovery to the table, but by harnessing the existent knowledge through cybernetics, as I propose, a new multi-perspective model of the human life-organisation has simultaneously emerged.

I call this perspective: The Real-living-system.

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