Friday, March 6, 2015

Cybernetic - Illustrations & designs

Illustrations from:

* the Conservation of the Homo sapiens: The survival of the Wise; on the Cybernetics of Education.

The Cybernetics of Education©
Shows how education shapes our humanity and the environment.

Quality education and sustainable development: A circular causal relationship©.

The Cybernetics Phylogeny©

(The Real-living-system perspective©)
My proposal that human kind is a sociophysiobiological kingdom© and not just another species.

> An evolutionary simplified perspective of education for sustainable development©. 

Education for Sustainable Development

> Cycle of Human Needs©
To propose that human needs go in a cycle rather than an hierarchy.

> Democracy and violence against women - The vicious circle.

> The design of Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Center©
Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Center (the Narrative)

Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Center (TV interview - Arabic)
One minute video. (28/01/2013)
TV interview (Arabic)

> Dynamic Permaculture preliminary designs [IPNAMME]

> Innovation Cycle - Life Science, added on 06/05/2015.

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